Where to start searching for your ancestors?

Do you want to find your ancestors, but you don’t know where to start and how to go about it?

I will be happy to help you on this path …

Start by writing down all the information you have – from parents, grandparents, and others. Try to find deeply buried old documents – birth, marriage or death certificates – they contain a lot of valuable information.

The first step is most important …

Further, in order not to get confused with the excess of information, it is good to sort it all out somehow. And here, if it’s more convenient for you, we can write everything out on a standard piece of paper or we can use one of the many available applications (available on-line or offline).

A few that I use and can recommend:

  • Family Search – completely free, has a great application and a huge database that we can use,
  • MyHeritage – free up to 200 people per tree,
  • Roots Magic – Offline program for use on a computer,
  • Agelong Tree – in my opinion it has the best wizard for creating ancestral charts.

Once you have entered your ancestors’ data into the selected program, the next step is to start further research – you can ask other family members, write to the archives or seek help from professional genealogists.

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