Professional ancestor research

Everyone’s history is different and each family tree has unique stories that I will gladly help you discover.

If your roots are in Poland and you would like to learn more about them – then you are in the right place. I help clients from all over the world find their ancestors – no matter where you live now!

Thanks to the genealogy, I found my cousin in Norway, whose existence I would not even think of 🙂 Uncle in the United States and cousin in Ukraine 🙂

Do you want to know the fate of your ancestors and their amazing stories too? Write to me – I will search several databases for you for free!

(also from the former territory of Poland – including the areas of today’s Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus)

I will check what information I can get for you – what can be found depends on many factors. I will provide you with detailed information and you will decide what we will do and what we will focus on in our search.

Below is a video showing a printed fragment of the Ukrainian branch of my tree.

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