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Genealogical research
◾ For whom:
– you start your search and you don’t know where to start
– you don’t know the exact places of birth or death of your ancestors – and you want to find your roots and find out where your ancestors came from
– you want to find documents about specific ancestors
◾ What you get:
– a full family tree chart containing data* of your ancestors that we find during research (electronic version – pdf/jpg file)
– all documents/acts found during the research, with our comments and explanations (including birth, marriage and death certificates, photos of tombstones, etc.)
– maps showing where your ancestors came from
* basic information (without documents/acts): names and surname, family name, date and place of birth, date and place of wedding, spouse’s details, date and place of death.
◾ Lead time:
– approx. 2-4 weeks
The cost of genealogical research is 350USD and includes:
– time devoted to genealogical research (about 20-30 hours)
– all administrative fees (copies of documentation, etc.)
Searching for documents in the Archives in Poland
◾ Searching for documents in any archive in Poland (the whole working-day)
The cost of genealogical research in a specific archive in Poland is 570 USD and includes:
– time spent in the archive on genealogical research (about 10-20 hours)
– all administrative fees (copies of documentation, etc.)
– time and cost of reaching any archive in Poland

Do you want to know your roots and the fate of your family?

Or maybe you want to give someone a gift in the form of his family tree?

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